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About this book:

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 This book is a practical financial literacy tutorial for children, young adults, and their families. The information in this book will help you understand what money is; what is the value of money; how much is time worth, why it is impossible to buy everything you want and answer other difficult questions about personal finance. 

By reading this book you will: Develop positive spending habits; Learn to save for a specific goal Learn to establish good credit from the start; Learn to protect your assets (and the assets of your parents); and Even learn a bit about retirement savings. 

And most importantly – by reading this book, you and your family will have a great time together as a family and learn a valuable lifelong skill – how to manage your personal finance. 

As a child or young adult, you can learn these skills and apply what you learn in real life; you can set goals, dream big and watch your dreams come true. 

Learning these skills at an early age will prepare you for the real world and perhaps you can really make yourself and your parents happy! This is a great birthday gift to children! If your child had a recent visit from the Tooth Fairy, then your child is a good candidate to start their financial literacy journey! There is a chapter in the book dedicated especially for this purpose! 

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 This book will teach your children to count, grow, and protect their money. Your children will learn how to budget and save money for a certain goal, like a toy or something they want. Using real life examples and creative tools, this book will be an invaluable resource for your children and your family.