Book Release

Press Release - July 6, 2019

 "Diana Polyakov is all set to release her latest book, ‘How Do You Make Your Parents Rich?', and it's interesting because the primary reading audiences are the children and young adults- for whom the author truly feels there should be valuable and exemplary financial insights and value about how life actually works around money."

Personal Finance expert and entrepreneur, Diana Polyakov, is 

set to release her brand new book called ‘How Do You Make Your Parents Rich?: Practical Finance for Kids & Their Families’ on July 2, 2019, as a way for increasing the reach and the possibilities of influence regarding financial literacy.

For long, this particular genre of written media has interested and influenced only a niche audience- most of whom were adults. But, Polyakov own experiences as a mother of two children has certainly had a role to play in her motivation for the composition of this particular title. A legitimate M.S. in Personal Finance, she also states that writing this particular text was in the back of her mind, and she hopes that both children and young adults understand the overall value and nature of money. In that way, they would have a better understanding of how to measure their lives so that they might never need to go through crippling financial debts, or other issues that are in relation to it. 


Polyakov’s book is also quite practical in the way that it does not waste much space in theory, and other head-scratching concepts, which children would not have any chance at comprehension. Instead, her approach has been to teach them essential lessons about financial life: the value of time, getting a good credit at the start, protection of assets and how to actually promulgate savings. The book can also be read as a family ritual, and the only thing of consequence is that all participating in it will come out with something that holds a value that shall last an entire lifetime. The best part about the book is that the lessons carry a sense of relevance, which has a great potential of engaging children like never before. This is evident from such chapter titles and sections as the ‘Tooth Fairy’, which Polyakov claims is a very appropriate time for children to consider the finances for themselves.

Apart from the uniqueness and content value of this book, the illustrations by Jurga Abudeab makes it a composition that will hold a great deal of importance across the entire scope of financial literature. The book can be purchased easily after the release date through this link, and it is hoped that it makes a true difference in the life of every child or teenager who may come in possession of it.